I generally prefer shooting black and white landscapes.  I also prefer analogue photography, but digital is wonderful too.  Everything has it's place, and digital's place, for me, is not in the fast lane.

I like to slow it down, contemplate the image, take my time and take it easy.  That's how I got into Large Format photography.  You just can't go very fast with a 4x5 camera if you're using camera movements.  Then I slowed it down even more by doing long exposures.   What an enjoyable way to take photos.

View cameras are about high resolution and lens movements.  Large format cameras are also about heavy camera bags and dusty negatives.  Nothing is perfect so everything is a compromise.  My current compromises are using the 4x5 if I don't have to walk too far and using a Cambo Actus mini view camera if it is a longer walk, or if I am impatient to see the results.  Which is most of the time.  Yes, I am slow taking the picture but in a rush to see the results.  Go figure.  The Actus is outfitted with a Sony A7R as the digital back and Hasselblad lenses.   

I also enjoy medium format and then I use my older Hasselblad 500CM, or sometimes I use an even older Rolleiflex Automat TLR.  I use them because both cameras are beautifully designed and manufactured and because I enjoy the look of film when I'm not enjoying the convenience of digital.  

Bryan Treen